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Posting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in posting to our customer gallery! To add your images, an Instagram account is required. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has no association with Paracord Planet. We hold no responsibility for information shared through their platform. Please note that posts containing the aforementioned hashtags will be public on our website. Private information should not be shared. 

What we want to see:

We would be flattered to see pictures of creations made with our paracord, pictures of orders received in the mail; pets wearing paracord gear; or clever uses for our products. It doesn't have to be paracord related either—we would love for you to post about projects that use leather, yarn, or any other crafting area we supply!

What we don't want to see:

Please avoid posting inappropriate or irrelevant content including but not limited to: images that are defamatory, violent, harassing, threatening, abusive, pornographic, or otherwise objectionable. Let's keep it family friendly!

While we value small and large paracord businesses that use our cord, this gallery is not the place to advertise your company or product. Small watermarks will be tolerated. Users who repeatedly post large logos of their business, product giveaways, or advertising content will be removed. 

And because we want everyone's posts to be seen by people, avoid spam posting or tagging large batches of images. We hesitate to express a specific posting limit, but please be considerate of others. 

Paracord Planet reserves the right to remove any user or post that violates these guidelines.