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1/4 inch Shock Cord Spools - Purple

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Purple -

*Note: 1000ft option may be sent in two 500ft spools depending on the available inventory.

Spend your time and money wisely. Need to use a lot of Paracord rope for your variety of projects? Buy more and save, don't purchase your Paracord in smaller sections! Paracord by the spool allows you to get just the right amount of length you need for your projects. Cut to your desired length and stop dealing with the scraps that are not useful. Our Paracord is wrapped on a spool with about a ¾" diameter center hole allowing you to run a rod through it for easy spooling and unspooling.

  • Diameter 1/4 inch” w/ a Braided Sleeve and Elastic Inner Core

  • Securing items, Tying down tarps/tents, Crafts, and More!

  • Quality Product Made in the USA



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