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101 Things to do with Paracord
Posted by Andre Palmier on 10/1/2012 to Guest Articles

Here is a list that we came up with in case somebody out there might be wondering "What shall I do with all of my paracord?"

  1. Make a cobra bracelet
  2. Make a wrist lanyard
  3. Make a hammock
  4. Make a monkey’s fist
  5. Make a watchband
  6. Make a survival kit bracelet
  7. Make a belt
  8. Make a dog leash
  9. Make a dog collar
  10. Wrap a knife handle
  11. Make a necklace
  12. Make a can koozie
  13. Lash two things together
  14. Tow a vehicle
  15. Replace shoelaces
  16. Make a keychain
  17. Make a snare
  18. Wrap a lighter
  19. Make a Parapal!
  20. Make a rifle sling
  21. Tie up your hair
  22. Make a neck lanyard
  23. Make a lasso
  24. Make zipper pulls
  25. Make a swing
  26. Make a camp chair
  27. Wrap a flashlight
  28. Make a dog chew toy
  29. Make a bolo
  30. Make a bow
  31. Start a fire (using a bow)
  32. Make a game call lanyard
  33. Flag an area of interest
  34. Replace bootlaces
  35. Wrap an axe handle
  36. Tie down equipment
  37. Make a laundry sack
  38. Make a fish stringer
  39. Make a fishing lure
  40. Make a fishing rod
  41. Tie a poncho closed
  42. Tie up food from bears
  43. Tie up your canoe
  44. Tie down your luggage
  45. Make Christmas decorations
  46. Make horse tack
  47. Make suspenders
  48. Play pranks on co-workers
  49. Play tug of war
  50. Hang a plant
  51. Make a basket
  52. Hang wild game for cleaning
  53. Imitate Charles Bronson
  54. Hang clothing
  55. Affix a spearpoint
  56. Tie down a tent
  57. Make a hat band
  58. Make a tourniquet
  59. Make a water bottle pouch
  60. Make a dragons tongue bracelet
  61. Scale a wall
  62. Make a knife lanyard
  63. Make letter crafts
  64. Wrap a wand handle
  65. Make an octopus
  66. Make a key fob
  67. Make a splint
  68. Tie your boonie hat down
  69. Make coasters
  70. Make a headband
  71. Place cat’s cradle
  72. Make a laptop carrier
  73. Hang up signage/banners
  74. Wrap a bike frame
  75. Secure an anchor
  76. Wrap a package
  77. Tie a bow
  78. Use inner strands as tinsel
  79. Hang up a curtain
  80. Make an ipod/phone sleeve
  81. Make a camera case
  82. Wrap phone cables
  83. Make a satchel (Indiana Jones has one)
  84. Make a germ grenade
  85. Wrap sandals
  86. Make a dog tag key fob
  87. Make a luggage/gear tag
  88. Make a sunglass lanyard
  89. Wrap headphone cords
  90. Make a canteen cover
  91. Make a guitar strap
  92. Make a fishing net
  93. Replace drawstring on clothes
  94. Make a USB flash drive case
  95. Use to pull logs
  96. Tie up a primitive shelter
  97. Make handles
  98. Make a rope ladder
  99. Use as dental floss
  100. Make a bull whip
  101. Make sandals

Charles Date 10/1/2012 3:59:36 PM
Make a fish stringer
Kevin Wombold Date 9/4/2013
Hello I have tried 3 times to sign up for your newsletter it will not let me.
Kevin Wombold Date 9/4/2013
Hello i have tried 4 times to sign up for your news letter. It wont let me
Bob Date 1/10/2014
Tie off your dick before entering a loose girl
Kelsey Date 1/30/2014
Use in cave to not get lost
daniel Date 2/28/2014
making a belt (currently)
Pouncy Date 5/6/2014
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Dave Date 8/21/2014
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Hather Kobs Date 9/3/2014
I really Love doing things with paracord
OMAR Date 9/15/2014
Mitch Lowe Date 12/2/2014
combat life saver Date 12/29/2014
Never ever ever do #58 please 550 cord is the worst material you can use. Tourniquet material should be at least one inch wide to avoid further damage to the limb.
Matthew Wagner Date 5/23/2015
However, 550 cord makes a better tourniqeut than nothing.... You are right, they are (by the book) supposed to be 2" wide but if it is all that is available then do it to it. SSG Wagner,Matthew
pamela fair Date 7/21/2015
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