Quick Lace Kit - Reflective Neon Green

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Reflective Neon Green - This Reflective Elastic Quick Lace Shoe Fastening System is not just your average shoe lace. These Quick Laces are exactly what the name says, Quick. The bungee cord and its parts allow for easy use and give your shoe a sleek and simple design with great functionality. With safety being one of the most important factors while out and about, the reflective tracer is a great addition for those who use their shoes early morning or late at night. The absorbent shock allows for comfortable & secure use and the 100% Reflective Nylon Jacket isn't just for looks, it also resists abrasion, rotting, mildew, and UV Sunlight. When you order our Quick Laces, you will receive two 48" reflective shock cords in the color of your choosing, two cord lock stoppers, two end cord locks, and an instruction pamphlet. Be reflective, and get this great product today! No more untied shoes! Fastening system holds laces tight giving your shoe a nice firm fit100% Nylon sleeved shoe lace that is resistant to rotting, abrasion, mildew, and UV sunlight Elasticity helps absorb shock when walking, running, hiking, biking and much more A reflective tracer provides reflection in low light environments that works great for safety Each lace provided is 48 inches long and can easily be cut to your desired length


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