Brown Colors - 650 Nylon Parachute Cord 4 Inner Nylon 2 PLY Cords 350LB 100 Feet

Check out our 650 cord in brown colors. The 650 cord is a little thicker than 550 cord at 5/32” diameter. With only 4 inner cords, it has break strength of approx. 350LB. The 650 Nylon Paracord has a unique inner core. The inner nylon strand is thicker or fluffier and offers a smoother and more comfortable feel when using for crafts. Great for knife grips, paracord bracelets, horse tack or general purpose.

*Despite the 650 Nylon name, this parachute cord has break strength of 350 LBS

  • Great for just apparel look of paracord
  • 5/32” diameter
  • Nylon Sheath and nylon inner strand
  • 4 “Puffy”, filler, inner strands
  • Use with crafting, knife grips, necklaces, bracelets or general purpose
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