King Cobra Survival Bracelet - Neon Pink & Charcoal Gray

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Neon Pink & Charcoal Gray - Survival bracelets are great to have on hand for a variety of uses. Whether it be an emergency situation such as creating a splint, creating a tourniquet, or sewing up a wound to survival situations such as assisting in creating a fire, marking trails, or using as a pulley system. You may never know when you may find yourself in need of cordage and it is best to be prepared. Wearing survival bracelets can be a great way to show off your team colors, support causes, or just wear them for fashion. We understand that a regular 550 Paracord King Cobra survival bracelet could feel very bulky or too big for some to wear, so we assembled some King Cobra survival bracelets with 275-Cord. Our tactical #275 Paracord is about half the diameter of 550 Paracord making a king cobra weave bracelet not feel so bulky or big on our wrists. Why Choose a #275 King Cobra bracelet over a conventional #550 Cobra bracelet? More Cordage! A king cobra weave required more cordage thus giving the person wearing it access to more cord. For those that prefer to carry more than ten feet of cord on them at all time, the king cobra weave design suits them perfectly! Our tactical #275 Paracord shares many similar qualities of #550 Paracord -Does not rot, mildew, or fade to UV sunlight -Dries quickly when wet -Made in the USA Not a fan of bracelets with a plastic buckle? You are in luck! Our bracelets are constructed with a quality 1/2" spring assisted buckle. This buckle is all metal with no plastic pieces. This high quality precision buckle comes with a high glossy finish. These buckles are so nice you will have to see them in person to appreciate them. It may not be easy to carry a survival kit around you all the time, but it is much easier to wear a survival bracelet on your wrist whenever you venture out. Start being prepared today!


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