Adjustable Survival Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet - Black

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Black - Measures approximately 10 inches in length, braided with a King Cobra weave, and constructed of 7 Strand 3-ply 550 Paracord Adjustable bracelet allows comfortable fit from 7 to 9 inch (18-23cm) wrist sizes Designed for style and survival - Never leave home unprepared again! No need to disassemble bracelet to use fire-starter function! !Caution! This bracelet contains a sharp knife and would not be suitable for young children How to use: The fire starting bracelet is easy to use. Simply use the eye knife's serrated edge to strike it against the flint rod to generate a spark. Direct the sparks towards the area you wish to ignite. (Caution: When practicing or using the flint rod, be sure to be away from anything flammable you do not wish to see start on fire). Specs: -King Cobra Style Braid -Includes Sharp Eye Knife that has both a sharp and serrated edge -Flint Rod is made of Ferrocerium Stone Magnesium -Constructed with 550 7 Strand Paracord This isn't your ordinary survival bracelet. This bracelet gives you the ability to strike a spark to create a fire, includes an eye knife for cutting the Paracord in a survival situation, and is braided with a king cobra weave getting you more cordage than your standard survival bracelet. Start being prepared & buy today!


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