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Paracord Planet March Madness
Posted by Jackson Yakowicz on 3/9/2015 to Jack's Jargon


Paracord Planet March Madness

Explaining the rules of the first ever paracord tournament

March Madness has perennially been one of my favorite parts of the year. I grew up playing basketball on my driveway, dreaming of being recruited by Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans. Naturally, you hit a certain age where you realize that you’re only an average ball player, and you develop new passions—such as crafting with paracord and working for Paracord Planet. Regardless of my unfulfilled dream of playing in a March Madness game, I still live for the season! Filling out brackets is one of my favorite pastimes, which brought me to creating the “Paracord Planet March Madness” bracket this year.

The Idea

We were sitting in a Paracord Planet weekly marketing meeting when the idea first got brought up. We decided to make a bracket of our 16 most popular paracord colors, and set up a competition in which each week, the winning color would go on discount. By the end of the tournament, we would crown our FIRST EVER PARACORD CHAMPION. Which color do you think it will be? View the bracket below to make your predictions.

The Rules

The first round, there will be 16 teams and 8 match-ups. Each color will be sold at full price in the 10’ length. The winner in each match-up will be the color that sells more hanks. There will be 8 winners that emerge from this week and go on to round two. The second round, there will be 8 teams and 4 match-ups. Each color will be sold at 10% off in the 25’ length for this round. There will be 4 winners that emerge from this week and go on to round three. The third round, there will be 4 teams and 2 match-ups. Each color will be sold at 15% off in the 50’ length for this round. There will be 2 winners that emerge from this week and go on to the championship round. The championship round, there will be 2 teams and 1 match-up. Each color will be sold at 20% off in the 100’ length for this round. The winner that emerges from this round will be crowned our FIRST EVER PARACORD CHAMPION and will go on sale for 25% off any length for an entire week.

Also, if you fill out a bracket and do not make a single mistake (pick all of the correct winners), you will be able to win a FREE $50 gift card to This is our way of incentivizing your participation in this tournament. We want to make this a fun experience for all involved, and we are excited to see the results of all of the games. To stay updated with the results, make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our Google+ and Pinterest pages, and keep up to date with our Instagram. We will be keeping live updates on all of these locations. May the best color win!

The Bracket

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

To view Jack’s full blog, visit here.

Paracord Zoo
Posted by Jackson Yakowicz on 3/2/2015 to Jack's Jargon

Paracord Zoo

The 5 Greatest Paracord Animal Tutorials

As a child, some of my fondest memories came from my trips to the zoo. The Minnesota Zoo was only about five miles south of my childhood home, resulting in me spending countless summer afternoons whistling to canaries and strolling past monkey cages. I also recall the sheer excitement I felt when a mountain lion had escaped from the zoo and was reportedly on the loose. I had imagined that the escaped feline and I would become best buds. You see, as a kid you never fully grasp the fact that these animals can swallow you whole. The innate fascination with animals thrives in the minds of many children, and that love for other species is only expanded by paracord crafters. Some of the greatest knotters have blessed us with numerous tutorials for crafting paracord animals. Below are the 5 best paracord animals that can make up your very own "paracord zoo!"

1. The Paracord Sea Turtle (via TyingItAllTogether)

2. The Paracord Elephant (via Everaert Kris)

3. The Paracord Rabbit (via Everaert Kris)

4. The Paracord Frog (via Everaert Kris)

5. The Paracord Dragonfly (via TyingItAllTogether)

Which of these designs are your favorites? Do you have any other suggestions for our “Paracord Zoo” ?! Please feel free to share any of your ideas with us on our FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest, or Instagram accounts. We love interacting with our fans, and providing content to further the knowledge and skills of the paracord community. We hope you enjoyed this post!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

Contact at

To view Jack's full blog, visit here.

Instructions for DIY Gun Sling Kits
Posted by Jackson Yakowicz on 12/5/2014 to Jack's Jargon

Instructions: Putting Together a DIY Gun Sling Kit

Over Black Friday, we sold a record-high number of Do It Yourself Gun Sling Kits. Although the 2014 hunting season is coming to a close, paracord gun slings have NEVER been more popular than now. We thought it was particularly pertinent for us to share with the general public our instructions for putting together these DIY kits. If you've never made a gun sling before, or need a quick freshening-up, enjoy this post!

Enjoy your gun sling, and thank you for checking out this post! Please feel free to share any pictures of your completed projects with us by connecting with us on Twitter, writing on our Facebook wall, showing us on Pinterest, sharing your photo with us on Google+, or tagging us on Instagram.


Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

Contact at

View Jack's full blog here.

Thankful for Paracord: Crafting ideas for Thanksgiving Day and more
Posted by Jackson Yakowicz on 11/25/2014 to Jack's Jargon

Thankful for Paracord

Crafting ideas for Thanksgiving Day, and more.

Thanksgiving Paracord Craft Ideas

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time for family, football, and attempting to stay busy up until you can feast. As a kid, I never really appreciated the sanctity of Thanksgiving day. For my parents, it meant a day for the whole family to get together and enjoy each other’s presence. For me, it meant ‘I’m hungry, tired, and bored.’ If only I had paracord back then. Although my level of appreciation for the holiday is vastly expanded, it’s hard to not feel bored at certain points in the lengthy day. We’re busy people—used to abiding to an hourly schedule and obsessively compelled to be doing something. Let paracord alleviate your Thanksgiving boredom this year! Here are some great crafting ideas to keep you (or your children) busy while waiting on your meal.

The Paracord Placemat

Hey, use these to put under your hotdishes if you’d like! This design for a paracord trivet is awesome. Check it out here.

Image from Instructables

Thanksgiving Themed Bracelets

This project idea is more tailored for keeping your children occupied. Suggested colors: Rattler, Sunset, and White. The design for this bracelet can be found here.

Image from DIYReady

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of our biggest sales in the ENTIRE YEAR are approaching. Are you ready?! We have spent many months deliberating the best deals to provide our loyal fans, and we could not be more happy to present them to you. Facebook specific deals will be released on both Friday, November 28th and Monday, December 1st. For the full list of deals, subscribe to our newsletter. This way, you will be emailed our full list of deals immediately as they release. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas, there has never been a better time to add paracord to your online cart.

I also would like to take the time to say "thank you" to all of you readers for your continued support of We've been blessed with many successes, and we are fully aware of the fact that we wouldn't be anywhere without you all. Thank you! I hope you all have a very special Thanksgiving.

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, P2 Intern
Contact at

For more of Jack's work, view his full blog

Polyester vs. Nylon Paracord
Posted by Jackson Yakowicz on 8/19/2014 to Jack's Jargon

Polyester vs. Nylon

Which type of paracord is "better"?

I’ve always been more of a Coca-Cola guy than a Pepsi guy. Side-by-side, it’s hard to distinguish any major differences between the two sodas. If there were two separate glasses of either beverage placed on my table right now, I would not be able to tell you which one I prefer. However, once my lips touch liquid, I know immediately which of the two my favorite is. Likewise, avid paracorders know automatically whether to purchase “Nylon cord” or “Polyester cord.” Though neither cord is objectively greater than the other, the vast majority of paracord users prefer nylon cord for their crafting. Why is this? What sets nylon above polyester in the eyes—or, rather fingertips—of so many paracord purchasers? This blog post will differentiate between Nylon and Polyester, and postulate the reason that Nylon is so much more popular.

The 3 Main Pros of Nylon

Pro #1: Nylon has a more natural feel than polyester. Although looks wise, nylon and polyester cord are hardly separable, you can definitely feel the difference between the two. The silky texture of Nylon is a magnificent contrast to its fiber-feeling counterpart, Polyester.

Pro #2: Nylon is stronger in composition, but softer in touch than polyester. The strength in composition of nylon makes it a very appealing material for paracord users. Especially when you are using paracord for projects such as harnesses, or leashes, strength is a must have. The soft touch is an added benefit, making nylon more of an ergonomic match for its user.

Pro #3: Nylon is more elastic, and will stretch with greater ease than polyester. Using nylon cord is a huge benefit for crafters, as elasticity is a must-have. When you make a bracelet with nylon cord, you will have a tad bit more wiggle room in your sizing than you will with polyester, which is a more rigid material.

The 3 Main Pros of Polyester

Pro 1: Polyester is more resistant to wrinkles than nylon. “Durability” is the name of the game with polyester, and to those crafters that are concerned with their cord losing its form, polyester trumps nylon here. Polyester’s ability to withstand wrinkles can be a major factor influencing a purchaser to invest in polyester over nylon.

Pro 2: Polyester performs better when wet than nylon. The amount of times I’ve been asked “can I wear my paracord bracelet in the shower” amazes me. Water-resistance is clearly a big concern for bracelet-wearers, and polyester’s advantage here is undeniable. Nylon cord will stay wet longer than polyester cord, and nylon’s composition is affected to a greater measure than polyester’s from moisture.

Pro 3: Polyester has better color retention than Nylon. Part of this point ties back to the fact that polyester is more water-resistant than nylon. Polyester will not fade from exposure to moisture like nylon will. Also, over time polyester is much better at retaining color than nylon cord. This aspect is also very important to crafters. 

Similar to the Coke and Pepsi debate, a lot of the “Which is better: Nylon or Polyester?” debate boils down to personal preference. An advantage of Polyester that I did not list above is the fact that polyester is cheaper to purchase than nylon. This in itself may seal the deal with paracord customers. From my experiences, and the experiences of many, however, nylon has the superlative quality. You get what you paid for is an aphorism that fits as well as any in this scenario. For the best crafting experience, Nylon is the preferred material, despite its inferior water-and-wrinkle-resistance.

Want to see more from Paracord Planet? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, add us to your Google+ circles, check out our Pinterest, and add us on Snapchat at “ParacordPlanet.” Not only will you stay informed on all things paracord, but we also frequently run contests and giveaways for FREE paracord on all of these social media platforms. Become a part of the #ParacordFam today!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, P2 Intern

Contact at

For more of Jack’s work, view his full blog here.

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