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Paracord: Turk's Head Knot
Posted by Paulette on 9/13/2012 to Paulette's Ponderings

Paracord: Turk's Head Knot

paracord napkin rings

I have wanted to make this knot for a while now and I have finally gotten around to it. I was shopping at Macy’s and I was wandering through the Home department, the clearance section of course, and I saw napkin rings made out of cord using a decorative knot. I instantly thought how that would be such an easy thing to make on my own with paracord. I have been wanting to try this knot style for a while, so why not try it and blog about it?!

To begin, the name of this knot is the turk's head. I found a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on Animated Knots By Grog. I had to review each of the steps very closely at first. Once I understood, it was very simple to do.

I am very fascinated with the napkin rings. I feel that you would be able to do so many different things to them. You could stick a fake leaf through one of the strands on top for fall, or a small ornament or snowflake for winter. The possibilities with paracord are really endless, yet again.

The other reason why I have wanted to make this knot is because I have seen many bracelets like them in stores. It just seemed too simple to make, so I never bought one. Finally, the opportunity has arrived to be able to make my own bracelet. I made a road trip to Denver this past weekend to visit some family and go to the Denver Broncos football game against the Steelers, so I decided to flaunt some team spirit. I could tell that everyone at the game was extremely jealous of the bracelets.

So take some paracord, put your crafty pants on (yes, everyone should have a pair of crafty pants) and start making some sweet paracord napkin rings or bracelets. Then of course post them to the Paracord Planet Facebook wall so everyone can see them and tell you that they are awesome!

paracord turks head knot bracelet
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