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Paracord – Then & Now
Posted by Chris on 3/27/2012 to Chris' Corner

Paracord is a very useful and popular cord today with tons of styles and colors. However, where did paracord come from? When was it first used?

I did a little research and found that paracord was developed to be used by the US military sometime around World War II. They would use it for many applications such as attaching equipment to harnesses, tying rucksacks to vehicle racks and for securing camouflage nets to trees or vehicles. However, it's most popular use was it use as suspension lines for parachutes for US paratroopers during World War II. Hmm, that must be why they call it Paracord!

550 Seven Strand Paracord

Genuine 550 Seven Strand Paracord

The paratroopers found many uses for this cord while in the field because of it's light weight and high tensile strength or breaking point. Because of it's usefulness, paracord became available to civilians sometime after World War II.

There are many types of paracord in use today. However, type III 550 paracord is the preferred cord as it has seven inner strands for a combined minimum tensile strength of 550 lbs. The paracord that we carry here at ParacordPlanet is genuine 550 7 strand paracord.

The uses for paracord are endless. One popular use is to weave the paracord to make things such as bracelets, belts, dog collars, etc. Then if you need some cord in a survival situation, just unravel your bracelet or belt and have plenty of 550 cord available. You can even use the smaller inner strands for fishing line or even tooth floss!

There you have it. Seams Paracord has only been around since World War II. I am sure back then they didn't have all the cool colors and patterns that we have today!

Melissa day Date 4/20/2014
Thank you for your time do you have any glow in the dark paracord? Thanks again
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