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7 Insane (but true) Uses for Paracord
Posted by Ali on 3/26/2013

7 Insane (but true) Uses for Paracord

  1. Use Paracord to make a belt. Paracord can be used to hold your pants up. Yes, your pants. Not many people can say that they made their own belt. With the right buckle, you make a fashion statement.
  2. Use Paracord to hand a bear bag. Lions and Tigers and BEARS! Oh My! Paracord can help you keep your food safe from animals...or your friends.
  3. Use Paracord as a clothing line. Everyone loves to save money. Instead of drying your clothes in the dryer... Use Paracord to string up a clothes line in your backyard and let the wind take care of the rest.
  4. Use Paracord to get "unstuck." Living in North Dakota during the winter months can be tricky. I have gotten myself stuck a few times in driveways, parking lots and snow banks. Luckily I had some 550 Paracord in my emergency kit in my car. Instead of calling a tow-truck, I just called my friend with a truck and I got “unstuck” for free.
  5. Use Paracord to get a date. I saw someone (cute) wearing a Paracord Bracelet in class and was able to strike up a conversation by asking him about it.
  6. Use Paracord on the moon. “We went to the moon in 1965...” If you ever get the chance to go to the moon, make sure you bring some 550 Paracord. Paracord was actually used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997, during the second space shuttle mission.
  7. Use Paracord to stop yourself from losing your eyeglasses. Does a family member, friend (or even yourself) forget where they put their eyeglasses constantly? Well you can tie Paracord around the arms of the glasses and hang them around your neck. Now they always have their glasses on them and a nice Paracord accessory.
  8. (we are not responsible for what situations you get yourself into with Paracord)
Jessop Date 5/12/2014
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